How to check your colour resolution on your computer

Help File: Not everyone is a computer expert; so to help you to set up your colour settings properly, please use the instructions below:

Step 1: On your desktop find the icon 'My computer' click and you will be taken to: control panel
Step 2: Look for the icon 'control panel' double click and you will be taken to a list of icons - double click on the 'display' icon this will take you to your display properties - display icon
How do change computer resolutions

On the tags at the top of this box select 'Settings'. You will see a slide rule. this should say 1024 x 768 pixels. If it says 800x600 pixels you have really not fully enjoyed the web yet. Slide the bar along until it reaches 1024 x 768 pixels. You will also need to check the colour pallet which should be at least high colour 16 bit (16 million colours) or higher if available i.e. True colour 24 Bit (24 million colours). Font size should be set at small fonts. Click Apply and see the difference in your Computer. You can now enjoy maximum vision on the web.

n.b. If your slide bar does not exceed 800x600 this cannot be achieved, however you can still enjoy our website on 800x600 resolution.

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